A D&D podcast where magic clashes with steampunk in the homebrew world of Ethnala to create an immersive and adventurous tale.

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Monday Jun 26, 2023

Join the party as they discuss the unexpected cliffhanger at the end of the most recent episode! Also listen in for a sneak peek of a new Ethnalogy story being told begining next week!

Episode 37: We’re Too Late

Monday Jun 19, 2023

Monday Jun 19, 2023

Join the party as they attempt to uncover the secrets being kept at the temple of Kelemvor, only to find they may be too late to save the day this time...

Monday Jun 05, 2023

Join the party as they roll to determine how attractive their characters are and discuss what qualifies as cannibalism in the world of Ethnala.

Monday May 29, 2023

Join the party as they go shopping with their new found wealth! All seems well until an unexpected ally brings trouble to the party's front door.

Tuesday May 23, 2023

Join the group as they discuss bold character choices and moments from the previous episode!

Episode 35: Big Shots

Monday May 15, 2023

Monday May 15, 2023

Listen as the party makes their way home and talks on the way with one another about the strange visions they experienced. The party are accepted as heroes of Ernalo.

Monday May 08, 2023

Join us as the group discusses the epic battle between the party and the champion of Talona!

Episode 34: The Champion

Monday May 01, 2023

Monday May 01, 2023

The party creeps their way toward a fight with the champion of Talona's temple that proves to be more difficult than they may have previously hoped.

Monday Apr 24, 2023

The party discusses the meaningful conversations they had before entering battle and how a tricky posion may have planted seeds of distrust amongst the group.

Episode 33: Temple of Talona

Tuesday Apr 18, 2023

Tuesday Apr 18, 2023

The party ventures to the mysterious temple they had passed on their way to Nukall. With allies in tow, the party enters the temple hoping to find the secrets to a cure.


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